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Services World War II History

Dr. Jack Dempsey
Writer, Editor, Speaking Coach

Family Veterans of
World War II

A Tribute to Barbara Mor  (1936-2015)

Readings from The Great Cosmic Mother by the late poet and activist,
plus Letters & Sketches, and a Brief Biography







Native &
Early America



Here begin many paths into the labyrinth of Minoan time and civilization.

    Calendar House
Home Page

Abstract & Introduction

Video interview with Dr. C.F. Herberger

μια Εισαγωγή
στο Calendar House

After The Ice
Time Line 1
Northeast American Land & First Peoples

2010 Keynote Address
on Native New England Ecology

What does new research reveal about Minoan astronomy?

Matching Discoveries
Clues to a Knossos Calendric Cycle

Stone-works, Corn & Calendars
Cycles Within Cycles

What Minoan signs and symbols relate to lunar/solar cycles of time?

Into the Labyrinth
The Bull-Leap Fresco, & Elements of a Minoan Great Year Calendar


Time Line 2
The Transatlantic,
1400s - 1621
The Medlyn Site
A Connecticut Native Scholar’s Dig,
by Fox Running
What signs and organizing patterns meet the demands of a calendar?

Sign & Countersign

The Fresco Border’s
Lunar/Solar Operations

Gosnold, 1602
Edited by Karle Schlieff
Transatlantic Ways Before 'Pilgrim' Arrival

How did ecology and Minoan traditions relate to their astronomy?

Forms of Time

Seasons, X, Great Year & Saros, Relatives

Time Line 3
1621-1624:  Transatlantic Ways & 'Pilgrim' Departures

2004 Keynote Address on the 1623 "Weymouth Massacre"
What challenges and natural symbols informed Minoan calendrics?

Astronomy & Sacred Animals

Problems, Politics
& Symbols of the Cycle


Meet Thomas Morton of Merrymount, 1624-1630
New English Canaan Book II:
'A Description of the Beauty of the Country, with her Natural Endowments' (1637)
Were Griffin and the Double Axe central to Minoan time & eternity?

Griffin & Labrys

Guides to the Journey Beyond

Discover America's First Poet in English
Reading the Revels
The Riddle of May Day in New English Canaan

What could a lunar/solar calendar do for Minoans in troubled times?

Kinship & Cosmology

Great Year Signs
& Festivals in New Palace Times


Merrymount:  A True Adventure Comedy(screenplay for a someday-film)
The Maypole of Merrymount:  A Young Reader's Story of Early America
How did a limited ‘Priest-Chief’ become a nearly-omnipotent ‘King’?

Calendar & Kingship

A Labyrinth to Contain the Minotaur



Revels at Merrymount Today
and Governor Deval Patrick's Proclamation:
May 1st is Thomas Morton Day in Massachusetts!
Time Line 4
1630 Through The Pequot War
Where can we see Minoan legacies thriving through post-Minoan times?


From Crete & Cyprus to Palestine


Mystic Fiasco:
How the Indians Won The Pequot War
First Rhode Island
An African-American Regiment
in the American Revolution
How does the latest independent research speak to Minoan astronomy?
Homer's Calendar,
Classical Curiosities,
Marshack’s Critical Review

Still Here
Native New England Today,
& Poems by Little Owl
Looking for state-of-the-art studies of Minoan civilization?

Cited & Suggested



Morton (1992),
Nani (2000),
Rare Interviews,
Clips & More!


What brought on The West's first major cultural turn?

  Ariadne’s Brother:
A Novel on the Fall of Bronze Age Crete
***Greek Translation***
 Cretan Sojourns
A 15-year odyssey to the halls of historical fiction


How did Ariadne’s brother and people go on down the post-Minoan ages?
People of the Sea:
A Novel of the
Promised Land

(In Progress)

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Sample Results 1   ·   Sample Results 2

Greetings, Jack!
    Hope all has been well in 2012 thus far! This is Justin Nicholson, a member of your Effective Speaking course in the Spring Semester of 2011 at Bentley University. Today finds me working just down the road in Waltham, MA for a human capital management software provider. I just returned from the company's 2012 Sales Kickoff in North Carolina, which culminated with a companywide product demonstration contest. Each sales professional from beginning to end of the sales cycle gave a 15-minute product demonstration/sales pitch to our C-Level Executives and main group of our peers. Am proud to report that I was selected as one of the contest winners and received a $1,000 cash prize.
    So, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help in your course last year. I can honestly say that throughout my presentation, I used numerous techniques learned in your course. Long story short, when you explain to your students how every tool you teach will be applied in their professional careers, have even more confidence and pride that you are one hundred percent accurate.

Thanks again, Jack!

Justin Nicholson

Hello, Jack!
    Right now, I'm sitting in the library at Copenhagen Business School, trying to work on my essay in Scientific Philosophy, Methodology and Epistemology. Instead, I find myself reflecting upon my stay at Bentley University and on all of the amazing experiences I had last semester.
    One thing I'm constantly reminded of is how grateful I am for everything you taught me in Effective Speaking. It amazes me how I can use that knowledge in so many different contexts: of course I use it during my presentations, but also in day-to-day communication with friends, family and in my work-life. It has made me so much more aware of how I articulate an opinion, and how I can value those of others. It has made me accept and think about the fact that we, as individuals, see the world differently based on our prejudices, culture, childhood, etc., and if one manages to acknowledge that, one can be a much better friend, life-partner, debate-participant, challenger, scientist, philosopher and so much more. I also apply "Effective Speaking" everyday in all of my courses, in everything from economics and marketing, to culture and social science---especially in the paper I should be writing right now.
    All of my friends and family are probably extremely tired of hearing my praising your course every time I get the chance, or using you as an example of how I wish professors here at CBS should be: inspiring, challenging, engaged with their students and focused on being a constant motivator, making their students work harder towards achieving their goals. At times it did feel a bit rough, being your student: you expected us to always work hard, and in some ways, you did demand progress. But it was a good thing: it made us realize our own desire and potential to achieve more. Jack, I can't thank you enough for what you taught me during those 4 months. It has made me a more reflective, knowledgeable, calm and sure of my own opinion and thought---and, it gave me specific tools I can use to keep improving my speaking capabilities. If that's not great academic success, I don't know what is!
Best of the Best Regards to you (Ha-Ha, a clumsy translation from Norwegian) - Karoline Thorp Adland


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